Terms to Know

English Civil War      King James Bible       Stuarts

Glorious Revolution     Absolutism             Divine Right

Tower of London         Habeas Corpus     Restoration

Sun King                       Versailles             Huguenot

Don Quixote                 Maria Teresa / Hapsburgs

Peter the Great            Ivan the Terrible   Boyars

Thirty Years War          Phillip II                 Westernization

Spanish Armada           Oliver Cromwell     Frederick The Great     Rembrandt

Cavalier                         St. Petersburg             Hall of Mirrors

Puritan Revolution


Absolutism Multiple Choice



How did England move from a Absolute Monarchy to a Limited/Constitutional Monarchy? Do you know your three documents?

How did Peter the Great Westernize Russia?

How did Monarchs abuse their power?

Who are the major world leaders today? Putin, Hollande, Brown, Kim Jong-un.

Ivan the Terrible ... how Terrible was he?

Peter the Great ... how great was he?

How did the Sun King rule absolutely?

Do you know the chronology of the British Monarchy?

What happened to Charles I? Why is this so important?




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