Random history "on locations" ...

"Seward's Folly" (Alaska)

Ordinance of Nullification

Compromise of 1850

John Brown

Lecompton Constitution

John C. Calhoun

The Alamo

Trail of Tears

October 17 - The economic implications of slavery, as opposed to the political and social ones, were the most important contributors to sectional conflict in the antebellum period. Support, modify, or refute this statement. 4 pgs.

Click for Belgium statue, I wasn't kidding.


September 16 - Random videos and test essay questions:

Battle of Saratoga

Valley Forge

Take a walk on the Freedom Trail.

Mayflower Barn.

Test Essays: eFlash cards and video reviews can be found on the navbar to the right.

1. Explain how the Constitution reflected continuity and change when considering the Articles of Confederation.
2. Explain short-term and long-term causes of the American Revolution, as well as the short-term and long-term effects.
3. Compare and contrast similarities and differences regarding the colonial period to that of the new United States.



September 6 -

You found the web page! Below is the syllabus for the next few weeks. This page gets updated frequently, and will give you a syllabus, some links, my thoughts, advice, pictures, and occasional review material. You can check out flashcards and youtube videos to help you review:


Paper 1: George Washington ... 3 pages (all papers this year should be double spaced and 12 pt Times New Roman). The packet contains both the story of Washington at the French and Indian War, and his later Revolutionary War endeavors. Feel free to draw upon other information from the texbook, but MOST of your argument should reflect the packet.

Question: Evaluate continuity and change regarding the character of George Washington from 1754-1799.

Paper 2: 4 pages. Use two packets (Ben Franklin and the Documents on Federalist/Anti-Federalists)

Question: Evaluate similarities and differences concerning the arguments and beliefs of Federalists and Anti-Federalists leading up to ratification of the Constitution.



November 13/14 - Civil War 1; 438-447

November 15 - Civil War 2; 448-452

November 16/17 - Civil War 3; 453-459

November 20 - Reconstruction 1; 465-476

November 21/27 - Reconstruction 2; 477-481; 493-496, 507

November 28 - Debate Day 1

November 29/30 - Debate Day 2

December 1 - Test