The Lenin Song

My name’s Lenin, a dead Russian star.
The founder of , the USSR
My head is bald, I have a beard.
Sorry to say, in America I’m feared.


You may call me Bolshevik .
And want me dead.
But I will always fight for Peace, Land, and Bread.
I am Communist, from head to toe.
I love Marx, and read his Manifesto.

Life with Nicholas, was never fun.
He couldn’t get us, out of WWI.
The people were poor, yet they were drinking wine.
That Rasputin guy, looked like Frankenstein.
He was poisoned and shot, and then drowned.
Never again, would a czar be crowned. (CHORUS)

Two revolutions, for you to remember.
One in March, and one in November.
The one in March, I didn’t love.
It only brought, a Provisional Gov.
The autumn one, was over quick.
And standing tall, was this Bolshevik. (CHORUS)

I fled the country, went on a world tour.
Came back to start, a Civil War.
A tragedy with injured and dead.
The winning shirts, were colored red.
I even started, the NEP.
Which gave a profit, to you and me. (CHORUS)

So that’s the end, of this story.
I’m sorry if you, found it gory.
If you want less crime, and no one to pillage,
Model your government, after the Smurf Village.
Throw the capitalists, out the door.
So we can fight, a long Cold War. (CHORUS)