We Used To Be Able To Afford Bread                  

Oh we used to have cash.
It went away, in a flash.
The world is poor.
Still financing the Great War.
I'm so poor it's alarmin’,
I'm using both sides of the Charmin.
I'm traveling with baggage.
My meals consist of cabbage.


We used to able to afford bread,
But now I'm waiting on a line instead.
My clothes don't fit, and my socks have holes.
And I just drank milk that's three weeks old.

Our house is a crate,
and I have ten roommates.
To understand my place,
take a look at the United States.

Overproduction ... of crops
Speculation ... of stocks
Buying ... on credit
All the banks ... are debted
Europe woes, inflation grows, quiche costs so much cash, I can't even do the math.


I hate it when I have to choose, between my wife's medicine, or my youngest son's shoes.
It was 1929 when the stocks fell, since then I haven't showered, and my armpits really smell.

New Chorus
It's been so long since I've had a good meal, I think I'll vote for FDR and his New Deal.
Too bad for my family, we are really poor, here we dine on slugjuice and a rotten apple core.

Old Chorus


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