Chichen Itza 


Above is "El Castillo," The Castle, or what the Mayans called the Temple of Kukulkan. As mentioned in the video, it is astrologically aligned. Here you can see the snake slithering on the spring equinox.


The Observatory looks like a modern one, doesn't it? It's no wonder why many believe that the Mayan 2012 Prophecy is real.


The Ball Court is HUGE, the hole is not very big. Try getting a ball through there without using your hands. Many historians believe that the winners would "win" an honorable death. Others say, it was the losers who died on most occasions.


Everywhere you look there are elaborate carvings in the stones.

This is the Temple of Warriors ... on the right is the famous statue of Chacmool. Some say that on the plate, hearts of human sacrifices were offered to delay the end of the world.


Just outside the gates of Chichen Itza is the ritual Cenote.

There are still many Mayan descendants who live near the area. Here you can see their traditional homes ... this is the first time I ever saw a hut with electricity ... go figure.