1. The Great Wall of China!!! Yes, I did take multiple pics with that hat on. CLICK HERE TO WALK THE WALL.




2. The Terra Cotta Soldiers. The 8th wonder of the ancient world.  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO AND PICTURES.




3. I came all the way to China just to work. Watch me teach 72 Chinese 4th Graders English.



4. The Forbidden City and Summer Palace ... not forbidden to tourists. Click here to learn what a four star bathroom is.




5. You won't believe it, or maybe you will. CLICK HERE FOR FOR INTENSE VIDEO.




6. DAM!




7. Who the heck are these guys? Where am I, and why am I the tourist attraction? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT.



8. The Chinese Arts. A lot of music, swords, and acrobatics. CLICK HERE FOR A MONTAGE OF LOCAL ARTS.



9. Jews in China ... the moving story of the Shanghai Ghetto.




10. Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello? Meet the "Hello Ladies." CLICK HERE FOR THE DEAL OF YOUR LIFE!



11. Pandas!!! Pandas!!! Pandas!!!



My Final Random Observations of China. Click here for randomness.


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