Definition: Sun Yixian and Overthrow of Dynasty Rule (scroll down for answer)





Definition: Sun Yixian and Overthrow of Dynasty Rule 

The Qing was the last dynasty of China. In 1911, Dr. Sun Yixian (Yat-sen) of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party), helped overthrow the emperor. Yixian promised Three Principles of the Chinese people. They were:

1. Nationalism/People's Rule - This was to bring unity and pride to the Chinese people who had been imperialized by other nations for almost a century.

2. Democracy - Goal of creating a government that met the needs of the people and ensured rights.

3. People's Livelihood - Making sure that all people had a comfortable standard of living.

Though bold, Yixian never could unify the people, and civil unrest continued in China.

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