Definition: What should I know about Christianity? (scroll down for answer)





Answer: Like with Judaism, the actual religion of Christianity is not tested on so much. More likely are questions about the Protestant Reformation, or Middle Ages Catholic Church. Still, you should know:

1. Born between 6 to 4 BC, Jesus Christ preached that people should love themselves, their neighbors, God, and even their enemies.

2. According to written accounts, or gospels, after the death (crucifixion) of Jesus, his body disappeared from his tomb, and he appeared to his followers.

3. The New Testament of the Bible was written by the disciples of Jesus known as apostles.

4. The head of the Christian Church is known as the Pope.

5. Christians were persecuted for hundreds of years in the Roman Empire. However, the Roman Emperor Constantine had visions of a Christian Cross in the heavens. He put crosses on his soldiers’ shields, and they won in battle. Persecution to Christians therefore ended in 313 AD.

6. After the Fall of Rome, Christianity spread throughout Europe. In the much later Age of Imperialism, the religion spread to Asia and Africa. Note, people who spread religion are known as missionaries.

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