France Gained Independence

Everyone was tired of the King and Queen,
So dethroned was a wicked Old Regime.
France lost a monarchy, but gained a Republic.

It all started with the unhappy third Estate.
They paid all the taxes, yet had an empty plate.
They had no bread to bake, yet the Queen said let them eat cake.
Resentment was unreal, so they stormed the Bastille.
Radical support, an oath on a tennis court.


The monarchy was doomed, the second it began.
Quickly signed was a Declaration of Rights of Man
Seizing the church lands, power in the bourgeoisie’s hands.
The women marched for Bread, Louis lost his head.
And what’s a revolution, without a Constitution?


So the king was removed, so ended an era.
But next came the Jacobins, and their Reign of Terror
Armed with torches and rocks, they read the writings of John Locke.
But Robespierre proved mean, so he faced the guillotine.
So the French had to resort, to a General who was short. (That’s Napoleon.)


Copyright 2004, 42 Pieces Productions, All rights reserved.