Enlightenment and French Revolution Review Sheet


Terms to Know

Enlightenment     Copernicus    

Geocentric/Heliocentric     Galileo   

Scientific Method    Newton    

Tennis Court Oath     John Locke   

 Rousseau     Voltaire     Montesquieu    

Third Estate           Guillotine    

Robespierre     Reign of Terror

Committee of Public Safety     Declaration of Rights of Man    

National Assembly     Legislative Assembly     Women's March      Bastille   

Liberty/Equality/Fraternity       Estates General     Great Fear     7/14/1789      

Directory     Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette    Chains     Bourgeoisie    



POLITICAL SPECTRUM SONG                                   

French Revolution Multiple Choice

Enlightenment Multiple Choice 




What are the three branches of government?

What did the Church think of the Scientific discoveries of Galileo?

What did monarchs think about Enlightenment thinkers?

What were the causes of the French Revolution?

What were the names of the books/works written by the Enlightenment thinkers we studied? What did these thinkers argue?

How were the three estates divided in France?

Above, the Bastille ...  overgrown with weeds in a Parisian park!