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Global 1 Review Packet for Global Studies and Geography

Use this page's links as an online review packet and study guide.



Geography Review


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Global Regents Review Sheet   


Global History Regents Review Flashcards!








World History Review in 12 Minutes!


Cultural Diffusion Review


World History Timeline



Religion Flashcards!



Everything you need to know about religions -- remember that my friends Rick and Benn were in the Draft ...

RICK = Reincarnation, India, Caste, Karma

BENN = Buddhism, Enlightenment (or Eightfold Path), Noble Truths, Nirvana

DRAFT = Daily prayer (Faith), Ramadan, Alms (charity), Faith, Travel to Mecca (Pilgrimage)



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Greece and Rome Review


Chinese Dynasty Review


Middle Ages Review


Renaissance Review





 Global Regents Review Flashcards! The express version.






World Religion Song

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World Geography Music Video!





Global Regents Review Sheet



Global History Regents Review Flashcards!









Key Terms, Click Links Below: 1. Neolithic Revolution, 2. Nomads and Hunters & Gatherers, 3. Ziggurat, 4. Cultural Diffusion, 5. Cuneiform, 6. Theocracy, 7. Hieroglyphics, 8. Mandate of Heaven/Dynastic Cycle, 9. Tokugawa Shogunate, 10. Haiku and Kabuki, 11. Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, 12. Caliph, 13. Twelve Tables of Law, 14. Pax Romana, 15. Feudalism, 16. Chivalry, 17. Three Field System, 18. Spanish Inquisition, 19. Great Schism, 20. Bubonic Plague, 21. Humanism, 22. Printing Press, 23. 95 Theses, 24. Predestination, 25. Bantu-speaking People, 26. Ibn Battuta, 27. Terrace Farming, 28. Conquistadors, 29. Encomienda, 30. Middle Passage, 31. Mercantilism and Commercial Revolution, 32. Absolutism, 33. Spanish Armada,





Key Questions, Click Links Below:

1. What do I need to know about the history at the beginning of my textbook?

2. How did the Han Dynasty govern such a large area?

3. What were the contributions of the early Muslim world?

4. What were the differences between Athens and Sparta?

5. What were the contributions of the ancient Greeks?

6. How did the Roman Republic function?

7. What were the contributions of Rome?

8. What led to the Fall of Rome?

9. What happened in the schism of 1054?

10. What were the important aspects of the Church during the Middle Ages?

11. What were the causes, events, and results of the Crusades?

12. What should I know about Renaissance art and literature?


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13. What were the causes and results of the Protestant Reformation? How was England affected?

14. What motivated Europeans in the Age of Exploration?

15. What was the social hierarchy of the New World under Spanish rule?


Key People, Click Links Below:


1. King Hammurabi, 2. Hatshepsut, 3. Shi Huangdi, 4. Genghis and Kublai Khan, 5. Zheng He, 6. Akbar the Great, 7. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, 8. Julius Caesar, 9. Justinian, 10. Mansa Musa, 11. Thomas Aquinas, 12. Leonardo da Vinci, 13. Niccolò Machiavelli, 14. Queen Elizabeth I



Religions, Click Links Below: 

1. Animism, 2. Zoroastrianism, 3. Shintoism, 4. Hinduism and more Hinduism, 5. Buddhism and more Buddhism, 6. Jainism, 7. Confucianism, 8. Daoism, 9. Five Pillars of Islam and more Islam, 10. Judaism, 11. Christianity 

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World Religions Review



Empires, Click Links Below: 

1. Han Dynasty, 2. Tang and Song Dynasties, 3. Mongol Empire, 4. Khmer Empire, 5. Mauryan and Gupta Empires, 6. Mughal Empire, 7. Umayyads and Abbasid Empire , 8. Ottoman Empire, 9. Safavid Empire, 10. Empire of Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Culture, 11. Roman Empire before Caesar, 12. Byzantine Empire, 13. Carolingian Empire and Charlemagne, 14. Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Empires of Africa, 15. Mayan Empire, 16. Aztec Empire, 17. Incan Empire


Wars, Click Links Below:  

1. Peloponnesian War, 2. Punic Wars, 3. The Crusades, 4. Hundred Years’ War, 5. Thirty Years’ War, 6. English Civil War, 7. Glorious Revolution




Geography, Click Links Below: 

1. What is a physical map?

2. Why did civilizations develop near water?

3. Why was Mesopotamia called the Fertile Crescent?

4. How did Greece’s geography affect its development?

5. What rivers of China should I know?

6. What impact did being an island have on Japan?

7. What are the important aspects of Indian geography?


NEW: Practice Multiple Choice 




Women's Rights, Click Links Below: 

Increased: 1. Hatshepsut, 2. Wu Zhao, 3. Justinian’s Code,

Decreased: 1. Hammurabi’s Code, 2. Ancient China


Cultural Diffusion Examples, Click Links Below: 

1. Cultural Diffusion, 2. Phoenician Alphabet, 3. Silk Roads, 4. Muslim and Greco-Roman, 5. Hellenistic Culture, 6. Greco-Roman/Western Civilization, 7. Cyrillic Alphabet, 8. Results of the Crusades, 9. Columbian Exchange, 10. Mestizo Culture, 11. Hanseatic League, 12. Mansa Musa  


Global Regents Review Sheet