AP US History Grading Policy

AP US History students will be graded on a point system:

- Tests will count for 50-100 points

- Papers will range from 20-50 points, except in the 4th quarter, where a research paper will count for 100 points.

- Reading Quizzes will count for 3-10 points per quiz.

The sum of the points earned, divided by all possible points, will yield the final grade. Generally, there are about 300-350 points available per quarter.

NOTE: The US History and Gov't Regents Exam will count as a test in the fourth quarter. The AP Exam grade is not weighted on the average. 


Global II Grading Policy

The Global History and Geography Regents Exam will count for a Fifth Quarter Grade. Please consult the student handbook for the breakdown of quarter values.

- Quizzes and Tests will be weighted as 80% of the grade.

 - Homework will be given weekly, and will be scored on a scale of 1-10, or for longer assignments, 1-20. Homework will count for 20% of the grade.

A research paper will be assigned and due in the second quarter. It will count as 2/3 of a test. A second research project will be assigned in the fourth quarter, and will count strongly towards the homework average.


Radio Grading Policy

All students are required to attend their weekly radio shows. Students are responsible for running equipment, logging, and producing original content. Students must learn audio software for recording and editing shows.

Students will be required to follow FCC Regulations as per a noncommercial educational radio station.

Radio Tests will be given each quarter. In Radio II, grades will be reflectant of broadcasts, projects, and on-air production. The final grade will reflect student achievement both on and off the air.

Radio I will conduct a tech test in January. Students who pass this tech test may move on to individual shows in the second semester.