That is My Ideology

(The Political Spectrum)


I'm a liberal, and I want a lot of change. More freedom of speech, and less guns on the range. The Democratic Party is where you'll find me. That is my ideology.

I'm a conservative, please reform slow. If a liberal says yes, then I will say no. You may think of me as rich, or an oldie. That is my ideology.

I'm reactionist, let's go back in time. Segregation, well with me that is fine. Let's pretend it's 1923. That is my ideology.

I'm a moderate, I can go either way. Candidates try to get my vote on Election Day. With Democrats and Republicans, I can both agree. That is my ideology.

I'm a revolutionary, let's change everything. I'll overthrow your government to let freedom ring. Bloody wars, and carnage, I fight for the bourgeoisie. That is my ideology.

So tell me where you think, you fit into this list. A violent radical, or just conservative. Either way, I will guarantee.

You will have an ideology. Ideology. Ideology.