England you’re stealing every town.
India’s the jewel in your crown.
You make them, buy your tea.
And then you take their goods for free.

Imperialize. Imperialize, Imperialize, so I can ride your country into the ground.

France, you’re in the action too.
You took China then Dien Bien Phu.
In Asia, you’re a beast.
Then you pillage through the Middle East. Chorus.

Netherlands on a world tour.
In South Africa, they had a Boer War.
The Sepoys wouldn’t eat pork.
The Dutch couldn’t hold on to New York. Chorus

US always wants countries free.
Yet they control the Caribbean Sea.
Panama Canal was in our dreams.
Took that and then the Phillipines. Chorus

China’s losing land each year.
Europe’s carving it into spheres.
Japan just modernized.
Soon after, they imperialized. Chorus.