Old Version of the song (Different tune):

It Was the Black Plague

Life on the manor,
It was such a happy time,
Nothing really mattered,
Except chivalry and wine.

Then came the black plague, then came the black plague.

People were afraid,
While sailing on the sea,
All that open trade
Brought the plague to Italy.

It was the Plague, It was the Black Plague

People started dying,
First they thought it was ironic,
Then they started crying,
When it was diagnosed bubonic. Chorus

Once healthy men,
Had hands turn black as coal,
Doctors wouldn’t touch them,
With a ten foot wooden pole. Chorus

People were either dead, or sicker than could be.
Darn thing was spread, by the rat and then the flea. Chorus

First black rings on the hand,
And next they were a pukin,
It spread all over the land,
Now that’s cultural diffusion. Chorus.

Lost faith in the church,
The Pope was all restless,
The whole place was cursed.
By Yersinia Pestis. Chorus

The Church bells all would ring,
When Grim Reaper came to town,
Around the Rosie they’d sing,
Then they’d all fall down. Chorus

That Middle Ages dismay,
Scariest art I’d ever seen.
Thank goodness today,
We found a vaccine. Chorus


Copyright 2004, 42 Pieces Productions, All rights reserved.