YES!!!! JEREMY KLAFF DOES EXIST!!!! Here's the story:

In the spring of 2004, students started showing me Google Searches they did on me. But, the Jeremy Klaff they came up with lived in Houston. "There's another Jeremy Klaff," I thought! But alas, he lived so far away, I could never find him. In June, Seth Mates told me of an upcoming roadtrip, that would take us straight through Houston, Texas! This would be my only chance to meet Jeremy Klaff. Of course, this was Texas, and I couldn't just knock on his door because surely I would be shot! So, I called every Klaff in Houston (not a long list.) Eventually, I reached Jeremy Klaff's father! I spoke to him for a while about our family histories, and then he invited me to meet Jeremy Klaff at their Optometry store (so named, Klaff Optometrists.) I walked in ... and there he was ... JEREMY S. KLAFF!!!! My 2000 mile trip was well worth it! I also met his family! We could be related -- we were all tall and thin ... and of course, thoroughly intelligent!  But they were better looking than me, and had more hair. Either way, it was great to meet some Klaffs. I especially liked Grandpa Murray who thought I was coming from New York to extort money from them.

A Great Klaff family reunion ... Grandma and Grandpa would be so proud.


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