How Mr. Klaff became a licensed judge for the Miss America Pageant.     

OK, so it was 1999 ... Clinton was President, your parents didn't know each other, and Mr. Klaff was a senior at Binghamton University. Because he did a lot of broadcasting, he and Seth Mates were asked to be emcees of the Miss Binghamton Pageant (the prelude to Miss. New York, and ultimately, Miss America.) Although we were supposed to announce, there was a shortage on male judges. At the last moment, we (along with our friend Paul) were asked to be "celebrity judges" in the Miss Binghamton pageant (don't be impressed by the label of celebrity -- keep in mind, to be a celebrity in Binghamton you just need to know more than 10 people). They actually gave us a crash-course on how to judge. We agreed to the assignment only if the pageant promised to allow Miss Binghamton, and Miss. New York 1998 to go on the radio with us. They agreed, and we decided to have our own beauty pageant on the radio. The winners got to slow dance with me ... There I am dancing with Miss Binghamton, and Seth Mates with Miss. New York. We then went out to Denny's and stuck them with the bill!