Napoleon and Industrial Revolution Review Sheet




Terms to Know 


Coup d' etat       Elba       

St. Helena     Fourth Coalition    

Congress of Vienna      

Klemens von Metternich    

100 Days     Karl Marx      

 Czar Alexander     Peninsula War    

Crop Rotation   Enclosures      Utilitarianism     Free Enterprise   

Adam Smith     Collective Bargaining     Laissez Faire   

Napoleonic Code    Battle of Trafalgar  Waterloo


Spinning Jenny = James Hargreave

Water Frame = Richard Arkwright

Spinning Mule = Samuel Crompton

Steam Engine = James Watt?

Steam Boat = Robert Fulton


  <-- Schonbrunn Palace = Home of the Congress of Vienna, and a modern day tourist nightmare.

Napoleon Multiple Choice

Industrial Revolution Multiple Choice




What were Napoleon's 3 MISTAKES!?

Where did the Industrial Revolution start, and why?

What were the major inventions of the Industrial Revolution?

What are the differences between capitalism and socialism?

Above is one of Napoleon's treasures from Egypt ... the Rosetta Stone. It can help translate Hieroglyphics. It is housed today in the British Museum.


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