The Concept is Nationalism

Let’s say you don’t study, and you haven’t a clue.
Here is the secret for all Global 2.
Nationalism means to have country pride.
It explains revolution, and why Germany unified.

It’s a cause for WWI.
It leads to men firing guns.
It stifles any peace. It was in Ancient Greece.
The concept’s Nationalism.

It keeps coming up in every lesson.
I even saw it in on the fertile crescent.
Or In the 100 years war, when French knights left their manor.
It’s the reason we have our Star Spangled Banner.

It puts despots on the run.
Overthrowing a King is fun.
It sure lit the fire, of the Roman Empire.
The concept is Nationalism.

It causes people to buy flags in a store.
It led Germany to start the second World War.
It’s just the way that rebels feel,
Like when the third estate stormed the Basille.

In the land of rising sun.
Or the land of Attila the Hun.
It happens round the world, where colorful flags unfurl.
The concept is Nationalism.

So remember when a country thinks they are the best.
They’ll load up their weapons and eliminate the rest.
It’s all for the power of the nation-state.
If your name is Caesar, or Alexander the Great.

But I have only begun.
I’m sure I left out some.
It’ll make me upset, if you ever forget.
The concept of Nationalism. The concept of nationalism. It’s the concept of nationalism.


Copyright 2004, 42 Pieces Productions, All rights reserved.