The New Deal Song



Relief, Recovery, and Reform

A New Deal all over the land. All those acronyms are hard to understand.
SEC, WPA, FDIC, AAA. The New Deal.

The poor eating rats, Fireside Chats
PWA, a Bank Holiday
Insurance for free, with FDIC

The New Deal had government control, Mother Nature gave us a Dust Bowl. TVA got the South out of the dark, CCC planted some trees in a park. The New Deal.

Laws signed in pen, happy days again.
Farmers kill goats, destroy all their oats. Huey Long, hates everything in this song.

The New Deal gave out a lot of money, some of the jobs people did were quite funny. Government would pay for people to write, by the Tennessee river … let there be light! The New Deal.

Wagner Act, attempted court pack.
New Dealers, angry court appealers.
There would be more, if not for a second war.

It all started in 1933, years later geasers had Social Security.
FDR’s power was stricken, when the Supreme Court quarantined sick chicken. The New Deal.

Relief. Recovery. Reform.


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