World Religions Song

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Let's talk about Hinduism,
Brought by Aryans of the past.
They believe in reincarnation, and honoring the caste.
Good (and bad) deeds are known as karma, duties of honor are dharma.
That's Hinduism. 

Let's talk about Buddhism,
Popular in China.
They seek to eliminate all desire, and reach a state of nirvana.
They follow Four Noble Truths and renounce cash.
The Enlightened Ones follow the eightfold path.
That's Buddhism. 

Let's talk about Confucianism,
And the five relationships.
Father son, brothers, friend-friend, spouses, ruler and subject.
Read the Analects and find harmony,
Honor parents with filial piety.
That's Confucianism.

Let's talk about Islam,
The holy book is the Koran.
There are five pillars you need to know, like daily prayer and Ramadan.
Give charity, and find faith in one God.
Traveling to Mecca is called the hajj.
That's Islam.

Let's talk about Judaism, and the sacred text of the Torah,
They believe in one God, keep Kosher, and light a menorah.
Moses received Ten Commandments on a hill.
They tell people they shouldn't steal or kill.
That's Judaism.

Let's talk about Christianity, under Jesus it would rise.
The Catholic Church gave out sacraments, and urged people to baptize.
The religion was preached by the 12 apostles, the New Testament was written by disciples.
That's Christianity. Judaism … Islam … Confucianism … Buddhism … Hinduism.


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