Question: Where do liberals and conservatives traditionally stand on major issues?









Abortion Liberal – A woman should have a right to choose to have an abortion, and has a right to privacy.

Abortion Conservative – Abortion is the murder of a human being, as life begins at conception. Taxpayer money should never be used to support abortion.

Economic Regulation Liberal – The economy must be overseen by the government to protect consumers and citizens from big business greed and manipulations of the market.

Economic  Regulation Conservative – A laissez-faire, or government hands-off approach, is necessary in ensuring that markets are free and people have opportunity to accumulate capital and create jobs.

Liberal Gun Control – The Second Amendment does not give people the right to own any weapon. There must be more aggressive background checks, and limiting of certain weapons and ammunition.

Conservative Gun Control – Gun control laws do not prevent criminals from obtaining weapons. Every person has the right to defend themself.

Death Penalty Liberal – The death penalty is murder and is “cruel and unusual” punishment, which is inconsistent with the 8th Amendment.

Death Penalty Conservative – Executing someone who has committed murder is justified, and is neither cruel or unusual.

Liberal Same-Sex Marriage – Two people should be able to marry each other no matter their sex.

Conservative Same-Sex Marriage – Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Liberal Taxation – Higher taxes are needed to foster programs that help people. Higher taxes on the wealthy are supported. Related: Liberals support welfare and Social Security.

Conservative Taxation – Lower taxes, especially on the wealthy, leads to more money to be circulated through the economy. Furthermore, lower taxes on businesses encourage the creation of jobs. Conservatives want to reform Social Security, and limit welfare entitlements.

Liberal Health Care – Universal health care is better because every American can be insured.

Conservative Health Care – Health care should continue to operate freely. Enforcing cheaper government-run health care will lead to bad medicine and higher costs. 


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