Normandy -- June 6, 1944


Army Ranger monument at Pointe du Hoc ... Guns pointing at Longues  Sur-Mer

German Bunkers at Pointe du Hoc


Omaha Beach today. Oddly enough, children play on the beaches of Normandy during the summer.


The American Cemetery. Nearly 10,000 soldiers have their graves face West to the US at this cemetery. The sculpture on the left shows a young man coming out of the Ocean for victory. Not all graves are from D-Day, many are from before and after the operation in France. Buried here are the Niland brothers who inspired the movie Saving Private Ryan, and Teddy Roosevelt Jr. and Quentin Roosevelt (who Roosevelt Field was named for.)

The divots in the area are tremendously deep. The power of the bombing was immense. However, most aerial bombs did nothing to the German defenses.

Inside and Outside a German Bunker.     



Another view of the cemetery.