Definition: One-Child Policy, 1978 (scroll down for answer)





Definition: One-Child Policy, 1978

China continues to grow at an incredible rate. Huge building projects, like the Three Gorges Dam (2008) on the Yangtze River, have surpassed other similar worldwide constructions. However, as a result, immense pollution in many of the cities has caused nations and scientists to fear the potential adverse affects on the environment. China's population hovers well over 1 billion. Because of a scarcity of resources to meet the needs of its people, the government instituted the One-Child Policy in 1978. This law limited most of the population to only producing one offspring.

In 2013, China announced it was altering the policy to allow for a second child if one parent is an only child. In 2016, China ended the policy altogether, and permitted parents to have two children.

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