Definition: What else should I know about Islam? (scroll down for answer)





Answer: Remember, Islam is the religion. Those who partake in the religion are called Muslims. More specifically, Islam means to submit to the will of Allah. Muslim means one who has already submitted.

 1. Muhammad is the major historical figure to know regarding Islam. According to the religion, the angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad about the singular god of Allah. Muhammad then preached his beliefs in Mecca. In 622 AD, he went on a 200 mile journey to Yahtrib (later called Medina) in which he gained many followers. This is called the Hijrah.

3. The sacred text is the Qur'an (Koran).

4. Sharia is the religious law that governs the affairs of all actions in a Muslim's life.

5. Muslim Empires spread the religion throughout the Middle East, western Asia, and southern Europe.

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