Definition: Yalta Conference (scroll down for answer)




Definition: Yalta Conference, 1945

The Yalta Conference gave the Soviet Union control over much of Eastern Europe. Though the Soviets promised free elections, these promises were empty, as the nations were turned into satellites. It can be said that Yalta was the start of the Cold War.

In the conference, it was also agreed that the Soviets would enter the war in Japan, and Germany would be divided into zones of occupation. This Conference, held in the Soviet Union, occurred in the final days of FDRs life. When he died soon after, Vice President Harry Truman took over.

Other conferences to know about:                   

1. Tehran, 1943 - Here, the Allies planned the end of the war strategy to defeat the Nazis.

2. Potsdam, 1945 - The Allies discussed the fate of Germany after they surrendered.

3. Nuremberg Trials 22 Nazis were put on trial for the atrocities of the Holocaust. The trials began in 1945.

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