My Poignant, Yet Disturbing, Ode to Alexander Hamilton


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An Ode to Alexander Hamilton

Raised as just a little boy, on the Island of St. Croix.

Unlike those guys for liberty, you were born to poverty.

You taught yourself, You learned yourself, even practiced law yourself. 

They called you illegitimate, still you had a regiment.

Oh Washington’s reverence, looked up to your intelligence.

Revolution from the Crown, and standing tall at Yorktown – there’d be a man. Alexander Hamilton. 

The early Congress you belonged, urging government be strong.

The Fed. Papers that you penned, today you're on the dollar ten.

You got our country out of debt, tell me have you ever met – a man, like Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton. 

Today we have you to thank, for the Coast Guard and the bank.

Politics was your sport, your life was cut way too short.

He challenged you, you raised your gun, you shot the sky … but he shot a man. Alexander Hamilton... Alexander … Alexander … Alexander … Hamilton. Alexander. Alexander. General. Hamilton. You're on the ten!

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