Nationalism and Latin American Independence Review Sheet




Latin America and Mexican Revolution Flashcards



Nationalism      Nationalism    Nationalism     Nationalism

Crimean War     Otto von Bismarck

Simon Bolivar      The Liberator   

Vatican City      Franco-Prussian War     

Giuseppe Garibaldi    Alsace-Lorraine     Impressionism

Giuseppe Mazzini      Camillo di Cavour   BLOOD AND IRON!!!!

Beethoven     Papal States    Frankenstein    Venice

Kaiser         Jose San Martin   



Where did the unification of Italy begin? Think of the big island.

What makes up Mestizo culture?

Who gave up the Papal States for unification in Italy?

What is the difference between Romanticism and Realism?

What were the causes and results of the Mexican Revolution?


"Herschel Tried Varsity Swimming And Jumped-in My Pool"

Haiti  = Toussaint L'Ouverture  = Slave Revolt

Venezuela = Simon Bolivar 

Argentina = Jose San Martin

Mexico = Padre Jose Moreles

Latin American Revolution Practice (last few)

Nationalism  Multiple Choice  (first few)