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Key Terms:

Dime Novels, Robber Barons (know who they are), Trust, Sherman Anti-Trust, Do Nothing Presidents, Thomas Nast, Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed, Greenback Party, Pendleton Act vs. Spoils System,  Haymarket Affair, Molly Maguires, AFL, Wobblies, Knights of Labor, Gompers, Powderly, Debs, ICC, Sherman Silver Act, Homestead Act, Turner Thesis, Dawes Severalty Act 1887, Wounded Knee 1890, Ghostdance, Custer's Last Stand, Ghost Dance, A Century of Dishonor, Golden Spike, Bessemer Process, Nativism, Eugenics (ranking of the races), New Immigration, Radio, Old Immigration, Helen Hunt Jackson, Faro, Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickock.

ELECTION OF 1884 CHART -- MUGWUMPS = REPUBLICANS FOR CLEVELAND. (Stalwarts are far right, Half Breeds wanted patronage reform)

Key Themes For Test ........

- Know about dirty Gilded Age Politics, especially The Election of 1884.

- What were the scandals under Grant?

- The Gap between the rich and the poor. How did unions try to improve upon these abuses?

- How did unions evolve? Were they too liberal at first? How did they differ from each other? What was the reaction to Haymarket and unions?

- What were the major strikes of the Gilded Age?

- What Acts were aimed at fixing the corruption?

- What were the major inventions of the Gilded Age? I can think of this, and that.

How did Samuel Gompers and Terrence Powderly differ?

- What made up the Wild West?

- How did the US Government handle Native Americans from Jackson to 1890?

- How did new immigration differ from old immigration?

- What happened to the buffalo on the frontier?

- How does the Melting Pot differ from the Salad Bowl?

- What were the acts of Congress that restricted immigration?

Essay Questions ........

1. What does the year 1877 tell us about the change in US social concerns? Include another year -- 1886, in your answer. (CONTINUITY AND CHANGE ESSAY)

2. Why is the era from c1876-c1900 referred to as the Gilded Age? (COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY)

3. How does the West reflect the story of America? (TURNING POINTS ESSAY)


Gilded Age 9:25-10:12, West and Immigration 10:44-11:43