Flaschards start here, and go through imperialism.

Chartist Movement     Reform Bill of 1832     Suffrage

Queen Victoria     Theory of Evolution     Radio    

Pasteur      Pavlov      Mendeleev     Penal Colony

Wright Brothers     Assembly Line     Home Rule      

Dominion     Imperialism     MGM     Boer War    

Sepoy Rebellion      Boxer Rebellion    

Berlin Conference     The Open Door Policy     Spheres of Influence     Opium War    

Taiping Rebellion     Paternalism     Assimilation    Meiji Restoration


How did China and Japan respond differently to Imperialism?

What was happening to the Ottoman Empire?

Why was there animosity between Ireland and England?

Why did European nations want to Imperialize?

Why was Hawaii an imperialist target? Can you say geopolitics?

Where were the French, Dutch, and British in Asia?

Who was the "jewel in the crown" of England?

Who controlled most of Africa when you rolled the dice? How does that map compare to the map of Africa today?

Imperialism and World War Multiple Choice


Random Imperialism song I used to sing.