Kuomintang, Qing Dynasty, Sun Yixian, Jiang Jieshi, Mao Zedong, Three Principles, Sigmund Freud, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, May 4th Movement, Salt March, Amritsar, Civil Disobedience, Passive Resistance, Gandhi, Rowlatt Act, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Flapper, Existentialist, Babe Ruth, Charlie Chaplin, Charles LindberghThe Long March, Age of Uncertainty, Frank Lloyd Wright, Functionalism, Dada Movement

What was meant by "uncertainty"?

What role did the Sepoy have in WWI?

Q->S->J-M (Qing -> Sun Yixian -> Jiang Jieshi -> Mao Zedong

P-P-N (The Three Principles of Sun Yixian = (People's Livelihood, People's Rights, Nationalism)

What had more of an impact, Peace or Force in India?

Why did the Chinese people turn to Communism?

Why were the Chinese Communists not eliminated despite being outnumbered by the Nationalists in the Chinese Civil War?

PROPAGANDA! Search out "Mao and Stalin propaganda." DO YOU SEE A RESEMBLANCE?

This is also similar to North Korea in our current time.