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Jeremy Klaff entered the world on a warm spring day in 1977. Born to a history teacher (imagine that) and insurance saleswoman, he grew up in Plainview, NY. As a child, he was shy … very shy. In fact, he never really talked to anyone except for his stuffed animals, and the Mrs. Butterworth syrup bottle on the kitchen table. Indeed, as a young child, his imagination and creativity ran wild. As he grew older, Mr. Klaff discovered people. He attended Plainview JFK HS on Long Island from 1991-1995. Looking back fondly on Mr. Klaff, one of his former teachers reminisces … "I hated that kid … he would always have some wise comment to say that would throw off my entire lesson. One day I hope he becomes a teacher, and the same thing happens to him!" Karma - Chapter 3, Section 2.

After graduating POBJFKHS, Mr. Klaff moved to upstate New York to attend Binghamton University. While there, he read a lot of history and only talked to elderly professors in the library. He was recruited to run collegiate track and field, but as his college coach recalls, "That guy had no heart! He quit after the warm-up on the first day and ran back to his dorm and study history. I hope he becomes a track coach one day!"

   So Mr. Klaff's illustrious track career ended. However, a new career was only beginning. Senior year, Mr. Klaff met Sethmates. The two realized they had radio rapport, and had a major following in Binghamton, that consisted of 4 people, a sheep, and their parents. From there, Mr. Klaff became the stadium announcer for the minor league Mets. There, he would interview baseball players, carry toilets, and get paid in hotdogs. Things were going well for Mr. Klaff … but alas … it was time to get a full-time job. He packed up his clothes, degrees, and stuffed animals - and headed back to Long Island.

   After teaching in an inner-city school for a month (where, by the way, his humor wasn't quite appreciated), Mr. Klaff got a call from Schreiber HS, in Port Washington. He threw on a tweed jacket and tie, did a demo lesson on ancient Africa, and was hired to be a teacher and track coach.      

   Although he had the dream teaching job, Mr. Klaff missed broadcasting and entertainment. Therefore, he decided to use his classroom like the airwaves. For over a decade, he hasn't left his basement, and instead has made Powerpoints and Youtube videos all day. He taught himself guitar so he could write dozens of history songs. Only months after picking up his first guitar, Mr. Klaff played on MTV while doing a standup bit with Jamie Foxx. Recalling that moment, one student remembers saying, "!@*?!*%#!!! That's my *%$##**! history teacher on M *!?!*! TV!!!!" Jamie Foxx later won an Academy Award ... Jeremy Klaff topped that performance by meeting another Jeremy Klaff in Texas, and announcing baseball games in Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Cyclones  

Years later, WDOT was born. The new internet radio station at Schreiber debuted in 2006. Starting that Fall, Mr. Klaff began teaching a radio course, warning his DJs of all the dirty words they can't say on the air.

In 2005, Mr. Klaff got married, and often embarrassed his wife by asking her to take pictures and videos of him in front of historical sites. In 2010, Mrs. Klaff gave birth to twin boys, one of whom was named for Mr. Klaff's favorite historical figure, Alexander Hamilton. Mr. Klaff looks forward to traveling again in 18 years.

Mr. Klaff is an international recording star, as three people in India have liked his videos on youtube. Mr. Klaff and Mr. Medico's band, Social Studs, has entertained and educated the people of Earth.

Mr. Klaff got to be a part of the History Channel 2's 51 Amazing Facts About America. He received one piece of fan-mail from a guy named Ken in Iowa. For no particular reason, Mr. Klaff  has stumbled into other random entertainment situations which confuse his students.

By using his history knowledge for good, rather than evil, Mr. Klaff hopes to save the world, and one day become the 50th President of the United States.