There's More to the Second World War!


Acoustic Version

It was 1939,
Things were looking bleak.
Nazis in the Rhine,
Then a Poland blitzkrieg.
Chorus: But there’s more,
To the Second World ... War.

Appeasement was not a mender, Hitler wanted more.
The French surrendered, Before you could say Bonjour.


So France would then fall, Nazis in the Eiffel Tower,
But Churchill stood tall, In Britain’s finest hour. (Chorus)

US remained Neutral, Hoped to stay in peace,
To boost up an arsenal, The Congress passed “Lend Lease.” (Chorus)

Adolf broke the pact, And Joseph was so mad,
He would get him back, At the Battle of Stalingrad. (Chorus)

Off Pearl Harbor’s shore, Ships sunk to the sea.
FDR declared War, After that day of infamy. (Chorus)

Allies fought near Rome, Til Italy was Fascist free,
Mussolini taken from his home, And then hung from a tree. (Chorus)

Normandy was D-Day, 1944 in June,
Bugs Bunny would play, In a racist cartoon. (Chorus)

Yalta was a conference, That made Communism spread,
US lost its confidence, When Europe turned all red. (Chorus)

By 1944, The US controlled the Nazis,
But there would more war, Because of kamikazes. (Chorus)

Fred Korematsu, A Japanese American man,
Nuclear bombs, we had two, And dropped them on Japan. (Chorus)

Japan was alarmed. That things could get rocky,
Then Truman dropped a bomb, On Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Chorus)

By 1945, Japan would then surrender,
Those who were still alive, Could just look back and remember. (Chorus)


Copyright 2004, 42 Pieces Productions, All rights reserved.