World War II Review Sheet


 Terms to Know

Joseph Goebbles                    Munich Conference        Appeasement                       Charles de Gaulle             Final Solution                          Der Fuhrer

Nuremberg Trials                   Kristallnacht               Non-aggression Pact         

Il Duce                                   D-Day / Normandy Yalta                                        Neutrality                     Third Reich                           Lend Lease Act                   Blitzkrieg                                 March on Rome Sudetenland                                New Deal                       Neville Chamberlain                Genocide                      Gestapo                                    Free Enterprise

Battle of Britain                      Anne Frank Aryans                                     Propaganda                 Mein Kampf                            Douglas MacArthur        Fascism                                  Stalingrad   


Winston Churchill                       Hiroshima                    Hirohito



Concepts to Study:


Why could Hitler rise to power?

Why could Mussolini rise to power?

Know the basic chronology of WWII’s MAJOR events. There will only be one or two questions on this.

What caused the American Depression?

What caused a depression in the Weimar Republic?

Where did Italy turn its aggression towards? (In Africa)

Where did Japan turn its aggression towards (place in China)

What happened at the Yalta conference? Who was there?

How much power did the League of Nations have?

A day that will live in ...

What do we know about Francisco Franco’s personality? (HINT: look at the ditto on him)

How does Fascism compare to Communism regarding economics?

Why did people fear Communism?

Where did the Allies begin their battles?

Did the Nazis ever conquer the USSR? What effect did the temperaturere have on them?

When was D-Day / Normandy / Operation Overlord?

What happened to Japan after WWII?

Why did the United States drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

Fascism, WWII, and Holocaust Multiple Choice 


Mr. Klaff's video lesson on WWII