The World Famous   US Regents Song

or APUS History Song ... Things You Might Find in US History

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US Regents Review Sheet



It started with that British Tea, one if by land, and two if by sea.
We weren’t colonists any more. 1776, July 4.
Independence from the Royal Crown, Cornwalis turned back at Yorktown.
So we signed a Declaration, next came Articles of Confederation.

Chorus: The things, you might find (on your) in History. US History. (US Regents)

Hancock signed the Declaration, Lincoln’s known for Emancipation.
Hamilton was seeing green, TLO was caught with nicotine.
Valley Forge was oftly cold, Bryan had a cross of gold.
Uncle Tom was a good book, Nixon claims “I’m not a crook.”

Lewis and Clark in a canoe, what rhymes with Korematsu?
Exclusion Act denied the Asians, Clinton claimed no sex relations.
1929 Depression, 1861 Secession.
1944 D-Day, 1900 John Hay … John Hay?

H Bomb threatened a nuke, The Jungle made the public puke.
Roosevelts, Franklin and Ted, McCarthy hates the color red.
Two invasions of Iraq, Rosa Parks won’t sit in the back.
Dr. Martin Luther King, said to let the freedom ring.

Colonists hate the Stamp Act, NATO fights the Warsaw Pact.
Dust bowl was giving off heat, AAA murdered wheat.
Lend Lease gave Europe supplies, two houses Great Compromise.
Fifty years of a Cold War, at least it gave us Rocky IV.

Lusitania, the Germans sank, Jackson vetoed the bank.
Panama Imperialism, Divided Powers federalism.
Louisiana Territory, Roosevelt Corollary.
Grant won at Vicksburg, Meade took control at Gettysburg.
Segregation of blacks and whites, violated the Bill of Rights.
Cycles of Boom and Bust, TR broke up the trusts.
Dem-Reps Jeffersonian, Federalists were Hamiltonian.
Jay wrote a Federalist Paper, Miranda case freed a raper.
Brown vs. the Board of Ed, segregation declared dead.
Lindbergh flew in a plane, Common Sense by Thomas Paine.
VE Day, defeat the Nazis, VJ day defeat kamikazes.
Ellis Island immigration, Dawes Act assimilation.
Roaring Twenties libido, Checks and Balances, a veto.
We fought on the Allied side, 2/3 is an override.
Booth caused a fatality, Washington’s neutrality.
Prohibition emptied cups, no one could get liquored up.
Harlem Renaissance played jazz notes, Evolution taught by Scopes.
Khruschev’s angry with his shoe, Bull Run 1, and Bull Run 2.
Stalin was one scary Russian, Stevens had Radical Reconstruction
Eisenhower went on a Normandy Tour, Axis lost the second World War.
Marshall Plan was a large payment, Truman preached for containment.
Elastic clause, implied powers, Clinton and Jennifer Flowers.
FDR’s Hundred Days, Rebellion by Daniel Shays.
Somebody sunk the Maine, McKinley later fought with Spain.
Engel said no prayer in school, Burr shot Hamilton in a duel.
Flapper woman allowed to vote, Monitor an iron clad boat.
U2 shot out of the sky, Watergate just one big lie.
Storming France on Omaha Beach, Amendment 1 free press, free speech.
MacArthur had a nuke idea, soon got fired from Korea.
Reagan spent money on defense, Electoral System makes no sense.
Florida elections bad, Bush won by a dimpled chad.
There’s really nothing left to tell, except in the end Saddam’s statue fell.