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World History in 16 Minutes (use 7:22-11:09)


1. Absolutism, 2. Spanish Armada, 3. Limited Monarchy, 4. Scientific Method, 5. Heliocentric Model, 6. Enlightenment, 7. Baroque, 8. Enlightened Despots, 9. Bourgeoisie, 10. Tennis Court Oath, 11. Declaration of the Rights of Man, 12. Political Spectrum, 13. Reign of Terror, 14. Coup d’état, 15. Napoleonic Code, 16. Congress of Vienna, 17. Urbanization, 18. Agricultural Revolution, 19. Capitalism and Socialism 20. Nationalism, 21. Potato Famine, 22. Berlin Conference, 23. Spheres of Influence,

Key Questions

What was the social hierarchy of the New World under Spanish rule?

How did the Enlightenment affect the arts?

What were the three Estates of France’s Old Regime?

What were Napoleon’s three mistakes that led to his downfall?

Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England? ... What were the textile inventions of the Industrial Revolution?

How has nationalism been a unifying force?

Why did countries want to imperialize?

Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?

Why couldn’t Napoleon defeat Britain?


1. Queen Elizabeth I, 2. Louis XIV, 3. Maria Theresa, 4. Ivan the Terrible, 5. Peter the Great, 6. Galileo, 7. Enlightenment Thinkers (Hobbes, Rousseau, Locke, Voltaire, Montesquieu), 8. Simón Bolívar, 9. Toussaint L’Ouverture, 24.10. Jose San Martin, 25.11. Napoleon Bonaparte, 12. Adam Smith, 13. Thomas Malthus, 14. Karl Marx, 15. Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill, 16. Queen Victoria, 17. Charles Darwin


1. Hundred Years’ War, 2. Thirty Years’ War, 3. English Civil War, 4. Glorious Revolution, 5. French Revolution Causes; Bastille; Reign of Terror, 6. Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia, 7. Unification of Italy, 8. Unification of Germany, 9. Boer War, 10. Crimean War, 11. Opium War, 12. Sepoy Rebellion, 13. Boxer Rebellion, 14. Russo-Japanese War



Enlightenment and French Revolution



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Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution



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France Gained a Republic


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Absolutism and Enlightenment Multiple Choice 

French Revolution, Napoleon, Latin American Independence Movements Multiple Choice

Nationalism and Industrial Revolution Multiple Choice

Imperialism and World War Multiple Choice